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The Chipguide network of bulletin boards are provided for your use free of charge.

The substantial cost of keeping these forums free of charge is paid for by banner advertising and donations.  If you wish to advertise then read below, your business or website could benefit greatly and it is cheap.  If you wish to contribute but don't have a website or anything to advertise then there are two ways you can do this.

Firstly you could sponsor a banner advert linking to either the Museum of Gaming History or the CC&GTCC websites, on the same basis as the paid advertising described below.  Alternatively, you can make an anonymous (to me) donation via paypal, using this button:

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There is no better way on the internet to reach casino chip & token collectors then by advertising on the ChipGuide network of web sites. With more than 3 MILLION advertisement displays per year, no other chip collecting network can provide anywhere near the number of displays for your banner advertising. In most instances these sites are the first place found by new collectors when they start to look on the net for chip & token collecting information. Even if it isn't the first place they find, it soon becomes the site they visit most often.


Advertising rates for paid sponsors are only $5 per month per unit of advertising, or $50 for a year if paid in advance.

How Does It Work?

Units are displayed on a continual rotating basis. You can have as many units as you like. Each unit is flexible. They can all display the same advertisement or different units can display different advertisements. In fact, a single unit can even be made to display one of several different advertisements on a random basis. You will be provided with a password protected method to access all the statistics related to your advertisements. You have complete 24 hour access so you can see how often your advertisement is being displayed and how often a potential customer actually clicks on your ad. With that information you can easily track which ads pull better for you. Keep in mind, we provide you with a large audience for your advertising message but it is your message and the manner with which you present it that provides you with actual click-thrus.

How To Get Started

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